Using videos in your marketing mix



In case you hadn’t heard, 2017 is officially the year of video. It’s currently the #1 tool for social media marketing, and if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time you stepped up your business game plan and added video to your content strategy!

You might have noticed that there have been a number of changes to the algorithms of our favourite social media sites recently.

These algorithm changes have placed a large emphasis on using video marketing, with video posts seeing much higher organic engagement than plain text, photos or posts with outside links. Higher engagement = higher reach, clicks and revenue. Whether you like it or not, the social media gods have spoken - video ranks best!




So why video? There are a number of reasons that video marketing has become so popular recently.

One of the biggest reasons is that video allows businesses to easily convey complex information across any number of social media sites.

You’ll note that Twitter has a 140 character restriction, Instagram hides captions that are too long (leaving you to rely on the reader to be interested enough in the first 2 lines to click for more), and Facebook no longer ranks simple text posts highly.

If you’re launching a new product or service and need to explain to your customers what it’s all about, these restrictions make it incredibly hard. Linking a video to your post allows you to explain your concept without restriction (although it is important to note that Instagram currently has a 1 minute limit for video).

It’s no secret that the market is heavily over-saturated. With so many similar businesses to choose from, what sets you apart from the rest and makes your customer come to you? The answer is your story and your team.

Customers LOVE to know who they are working with. If you ask someone what their favourite store is and why, it’s likely they’ll provide an answer that isn’t confined only to the products/services they offer. For example - “Because the lady who runs the store is so friendly and helpful every time I go in - and I love their products!”

Video is the best way to convey your story, introduce your team and convey your passion. Did you know 50% of all purchases are emotional purchases? The more invested people are in your brand, the more likely it is they will buy from you.

While you might be excited to jump in and get started posting videos, it’s important you first decide what your goal is. What are you trying to achieve with your video marketing? If you have a clear goal, it will make crafting the content much easier. A few of these might include:


1. Brand Awareness - Educational Videos


Showing your customer how you complete a task specific to your business helps to build trust, and creates engaging content they are likely to share to their communities.


2. Customer Retention - FAQ Videos


Business often get asked the same questions over and over. Sometimes if the information isn’t readily available, it will turn the customer off purchasing. Save time and create easily accessible information by answering common questions in a video.


3. Customer Acquisition -  Product Videos


You can tease bits and pieces of your services/new products to push people who have been on the fence into solid conversions.


4. Lead Generation - Lead Gen Teasers


Give your audience a sneak peak into the content they’ll receive if they sign up/enter their details to be on a mailing list. Everyone wants to know what they’re getting before signing up to something!


If you’re a small business, it’s essential you take note of the ever changing face of social media, and make note of what content is being favoured currently. Alter your content plan to suit - trust us, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts!


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